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With 10+ years of experience and 5* Google Rating, ThermEnergy is trusted Heating and Cooling company for your home. We only have satisfied customers because we deliver what we promise with great top of line products and excellent workmanship. At ThermEnegy, we delivers safety and reliability of HVAC system is main aspects that every customer needs. For that we spent lots of time and money for training of our technicians, installers and salespersons through manufacturer, distributors and training institutes. All our techs are licensed and insured to do any HVAC jobs.

When it comes to summers, humidity is what first comes to almost everybody’s mind. Research has shown that an excessively humid climate may cause heart attacks, heat strokes, and other problems. This season is not only uncomfortable but unbearable as well. The older as well as younger age groups find it very annoying. This is when the heating and air conditioning service comes to the rescue.

How Often Should You Service / Maintain The Air Conditioner?

To ensure the maximal efficiency of your AC, you need to service it at least once a year. The benefits of this regular maintenance are many. First, you prevent it from getting damaged early.

Second, you make sure to extend its life. Always trust a properly trained technician with good reviews for comfortable air conditioning. It’s better to check the company’s reputation as well.

Home Furnace Why choose us for your Air Conditioning needs?

Free consultation: Our experts are there 24*7 to help you resolve all your queries. From sizing, cost, brands, warranty and protection plans, everything is explained under one roof.

Same day Installation: We understand how uncomfortable if HVAC system doesn’t work, we guarantee your installation within 24hrs.

Top of line products: We only recommends you most efficient, reliable and perfectly matched system for your needs.

Team of Experts: Our techs, installers are best in industries with lots of experience, licensed and insured. Who will make sure your system works safe, efficiently and reliable.

Warranty: We back our product and installation with extended warranties for part and labor. 10 year protection plan available.

Ease of Payments: Provides monthly finance, rental or deferral options at very low interest rates.

How To Know It’s Time For Your AC Servicing:

1. The AC runs for long hrs

The first symptom is that your Air Conditioner runs continuously without effectively cooling down the house. The causes may be a dirty filter, evaporating coil, or a condensing coil. If either of these parts gets damaged, the AC may give less satisfying cooling and climate control. You can clean the air filter before talking to a professional.

2. The system is going on and off

If the AC starts starting and stopping or just won’t turn on at all, There could be many possibilities like electrical faults, low refrigerant, or a thermostat malfunction. Call for expert help fixing it.

3. Poor or no breeze at all

Multi-stage or two-stage cooling systems mostly operate for longer periods. If the indoor temperature aligns with the temperature set on the thermostat, you don’t need to worry. However, if hot air is in the vent it is not cold or a weak or no airflow. Then Air Conditioner Service maintenance is going to help you with that. The causes may be inside dirt or a damaged fan motor. In such cases, replacement is the best option.

4. Very high electricity bills

If you have an old system, less energy efficient and needs frequent repair then it's better to upgrade your system with a high-efficiency one.

Brands We Service:

Our experts providing comfortable air conditioning are trained and have all the required expertise. Whether you need help with upgrading your system or buying a new one, we’re there to help. Our flexible financing options give you the convenience of trying all these commercial air conditioning at your pace.

The brands we work with includes-

  • Goodman
  • Trane
  • Carrier
  • Lennox
  • York
  • Payne
  • Frigidaire
  • Bryant
  • Reed
  • Ruud
  • Coleman
  • Mitsubishi Electric

Service plan for Heating and Air conditioning

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1Is it worth paying for AC maintenance?
Yes, you can’t tell when your appliance is going to start getting sabotaged. In this case, regular servicing once a year is very crucial to find out minor problems before it leads to major ones.
2How often should Freon be added to the AC unit?
Freon is a refrigerant that doesn’t get exhausted. Hence, you don’t have to ‘add’ it in any case. If there’s leaking, you need to rely on Air Conditioner Service maintenance. Once the problem is fixed, the problem gets solved.
3Can I service the AC myself?
Only certified technicians can work on AC, which runs high voltage and flammable freon.
4How long does an AC unit last?
An AC unit generally lasts for about 15 to 20 years if it is handled with proper care and serviced regularly. However, this doesn’t apply to all types of commercial air conditioning.

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